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@docsteer docsteer released this 19 Nov 20:59
· 1 commit to master since this release

This release resolves the following bugs:
#245 A Big Display 8 Bit can fail to update values when more than two are open.
#244 When sending Manual effect from the Fade Range tab, using +/- to alter end of range causes jumps
#235 Missing runtime in v2.1.2 Installer
#232 Migrate away from Travis
#253 A source that changes its universe priority will not trigger a refresh of the detail pane
#246 [Non-Windows Platforms] Multi Universe Transmittor crashes several universes
#247 Effect Chase Sinewave creates "blip" at end of cycle
#241 Big Display RGB not reliably updating when two or more are open
#222 Transmit Window - Size Issue
#234 Using Multisource sACN generator beyond 9 universes with range limits results in unusual behavior
#258 Erroneous online status with "Display sources with no DMX Data" disabled

This release drops support for Windows XP as it's very old now. We will keep the XP installer available, but no more updates.