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org.doctales.terminology is a plugin for the DITA-OT for creating a DITA-based terminology database.

  • Create and change terms easily using specialized DITA topics (DTD/RNG). The new DITA <termentry> topic represents a single term. Terms are linked together to a terminology database using the <termmap> map.
  • Author terms easily using an <oXygen/> XML framework with author mode stylesheets, that simplify the editing of <termentry> and <termmap> topics.
  • Navigate through the terminology database with a classic or responsive terminology browser (DEMO) based on the <oXygen/> webhelp transformation.
  • Check DITA or XLIFF files with a Schematron based terminology checker.
  • Export the terminology to TBX-Basic or TBX-Min for your Language Service Provider (LSP).



  • DITA-OT 2.3.x, DITA-OT 2.4.x, DITA-OT 2.5.x or DITA-OT 3.x
  • The termbrowser needs the OOPS Consultancy XMLTask library on classpath. If this library is missing, you can provide it by installing the DITA-OT utility plugin org.doctales.xmltask.
  • <oXygen/> XML 18 or higher (optional)
  • To use the Relax NG topics and maps, you need to install the dita-relaxng-defaults plugin.
    dita --install

Install the plugin

Install the plugin with the dita command.

dita --install

Install the <oXygen/> XML Framework

  1. In <oXygen/> open the menu Options > Preferences.
  2. In the preferences, open Document Type Association > Locations.
  3. Add the directory of the plugin in the DITA-OT as an additional framework directory, e.g. /home/user/workspace/DITA/dita-ot/plugins/org.doctales.terminology.

Using the Plugin

Please refer to the documentation.


org.doctales.terminology is available under the Apache Public License (APL) 2. The plugin contains SVG flags taken from the flag-icon-css project, which is available under the MIT license.


People who contribute to org.doctales.terminology:

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