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1.6.1 / 2015-02-04

Bug fixes:

  • Added a check for empty path in WebAssert::cleanUrl()

Driver testsuite:

  • Added an extra test to ensure the right behavior for traversal


  • Changed the description in the composer.json
  • Switched the repository structure to use PSR-4
  • Updated URLs for the move to the new Github organization

1.6.0 / 2014-09-26

  • [BC break] Changed the named selector to prefer exact matches over partial matches
  • [BC break] Changed NodeElement::getValue for checkboxes to return the value rather than the checked state (use isChecked for that)
  • Fixed the XPath prefixing when searching inside an existing element
  • Refactored the driver testsuite entirely and expand it to cover drivers entirely (covering many more cases for consistency)
  • Changed NodeElement::setValue to support any fields rather than only input elements
  • Removed the wrapping of any driver-level exception in a MinkException on invalid usage as it was making the code too complex
  • Fixed the matching of the input type in the named selector to be case insensitive according to the HTML spec
  • Introduced Behat\Mink\Selector\Xpath\Escaper to allow reusing the XPath escaping
  • Deprecated Element::getSession. Code needing the session should get it from outside rather than the element
  • Changed ElementNotFoundException to extend from ExpectationException
  • Added Element::getOuterHtml to get the HTML code of the element including itself
  • Fixed the name selectors to match on the placeholder only for textual inputs
  • Enforced consistent behavior for drivers on 4xx and 5xx response to return the response rather than throwing an exception
  • Added Element::waitFor to allow retrying some code until it succeeds or the timeout is reached
  • Added Element::isValid to check whether an element still exists in the page
  • Made Session::executeScript compatible across drivers by ensuring they all support the same syntaxes for the JS expression
  • Made Session::evaluateScript compatible across drivers by ensuring they all support the same syntaxes for the JS expression
  • Removed hasClass from DocumentElement (instead of triggering a fatal error)
  • Added testing on HHVM to ensure consistency
  • Fixed NodeElement::getTagName to ensure that the tag name is lowercase for all drivers
  • Fixed Element::hasAttribute to ensure it supports attributes with an empty value
  • Fixed the field selector to avoid matching inputs with the type submit or reset
  • Changed the button XPath selection to accept reset buttons as well
  • Changed Session::wait to return the condition value rather than nothing
  • Added Session::getWindowName and Session::getWindowNames to get the name of the current and of all windows
  • Added Session::maximizeWindow to maximize the window
  • Added NodeElement::isSelected to check whether an <option> is selected
  • Added NodeElement::submitForm to allow submitting a form without using a button
  • Added assertions about the value of an attribute
  • Added the anchor in the assertion on the URL in WebAssert

1.5.0 / 2013-04-14

  • Add CoreDriver to simplify future drivers improvements
  • Add Mink::isSessionStarted() method
  • Fix multibite string preg_replace bugs
  • Fix handling of whitespaces in WebAssert::pageText...() methods

1.4.3 / 2013-03-02

  • Bump dependencies constraints

1.4.2 / 2013-02-13

  • Fix wrong test case to ensure that core drivers work as expected

1.4.1 / 2013-02-10

  • Update dependencies
  • Add ElementException to element actions
  • Rel attribute support for named selectors
  • Add hasClass() helper to traversable elements
  • Add getScreenshot() method to session
  • Name attr support in named selector for button
  • Fix for bunch of bugs

1.4.0 / 2012-05-40

  • New Session::selectWindow() and Session::selectIFrame() methods
  • New built-in WebAssert class
  • Fixed DocBlocks (autocompletion in any IDE now should just work)
  • Moved Behat-related code into Behat\MinkExtension
  • Removed PHPUnit test case class
  • Updated composer dependencies to not require custom repository anymore
  • All drivers moved into separate packages

1.3.3 / 2012-03-23

  • Prevent exceptions in __toString()
  • Added couple of useful step definitions for Behat
  • Fixed issues #168, #211, #212, #208
  • Lot of small bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed dependencies and composer installation routine

1.3.2 / 2011-12-21

  • Fixed webdriver registration in MinkContext

1.3.1 / 2011-12-21

  • Fixed Composer package

1.3.0 / 2011-12-21

  • Brand new Selenium2Driver (webdriver session)
  • Multiselect bugfixes
  • ZombieDriver back in the business
  • Composer now manages dependencies
  • Some MinkContext steps got fixes
  • Lots of bug fixes and cleanup

1.2.0 / 2011-11-04

  • Brand new SeleniumDriver (thanks @alexandresalome)
  • Multiselect support (multiple options selection), including new Behat steps
  • Ability to select option by it's text (in addition to value)
  • ZombieDriver updates
  • Use SuiteHooks to populate parameters (no need to call parent __construct anymore)
  • Updated Goutte and all vendors
  • Lot of bugfixes and new tests

1.1.1 / 2011-08-12

  • Fixed Zombie.js server termination on Linux
  • Fixed base_url usage for external URLs

1.1.0 / 2011-08-08

  • Added Zombie.js driver (thanks @b00giZm)
  • Added pt translation (thanks Daniel Gomes)
  • Refactored MinkContext and MinkTestCase

1.0.3 / 2011-08-02

  • File uploads for empty fields fixed (GoutteDriver)
  • Lazy sessions restart
  • show_tmp_dir option in MinkContext
  • Updated to stable Symfony2 components
  • SahiClient connection limit bumped to 60 seconds
  • Dutch language support

1.0.2 / 2011-07-22

  • ElementHtmlException fixed (thanks @Stof)

1.0.1 / 2011-07-21

  • Fixed buggy assertions in MinkContext

1.0.0 / 2011-07-20

  • Added missing tests for almost everything
  • Hude speedup for SahiDriver
  • Support for Behat 2.0 contexts
  • Bundled PHPUnit TestCase
  • Deep element traversing
  • Correct behavior of getText() method
  • New getHtml() method
  • Basic HTTP auth support
  • Soft and hard session resetting
  • Cookies management
  • Browser history interactions (reload(), back(), forward())
  • Weaverryan'd exception messages
  • Huge amount of bugfixes and small additions

0.3.2 / 2011-06-20

  • Fixed file uploads in Goutte driver
  • Fixed setting of long texts into fields
  • Added getPlainText() (returns text without tags and whitespaces) method to the element's API
  • Start_url is now optional parameter
  • Default session (if needed) name now need to be always specified by hands with setDefaultSessionName()
  • default_driver => default_session
  • Updated Symfony Components

0.3.1 / 2011-05-17

  • Small SahiClient update (it generates SID now if no provided)
  • setActiveSessionName => setDefaultSessionName method rename

0.3.0 / 2011-05-17

  • Rewritten from scratch Mink drivers handler. Now it's sessions handler. And Mink now sessions-centric tool. See examples in readme. Much cleaner API now.

0.2.4 / 2011-05-12

  • Fixed wrong url locator function
  • Fixed wrong regex in should see step
  • Fixed delimiters use in should see step
  • Added url-match step for checking urls against regex

0.2.3 / 2011-05-01

  • Updated SahiClient with new version, which is faster and cleaner with it's exceptions

0.2.2 / 2011-05-01

  • Ability to use already started browser as SahiDriver aim
  • Added japanese translation for bundled steps (thanks @hidenorigoto)
  • 10 seconds limit for browser connection in SahiDriver

0.2.1 / 2011-04-21

  • Fixed some bundled step definitions

0.2.0 / 2011-04-21

  • Additional step definitions
  • Support for extended drivers configuration through behat.yml environment parameters
  • Lots of new named selectors
  • Bug fixes
  • Small improvements

0.1.2 / 2011-04-08

  • Fixed Sahi url escaping

0.1.1 / 2011-04-06

  • Fixed should/should_not steps
  • Added spanish translation
  • Fixed forms to use element
  • Fixed small UnsupportedByDriverException issue

0.1.0 / 2011-04-04

  • Initial release
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