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This bundle's purpose is to provide an interface for edition, addition and deletion of translations messages.

Currently supported formats:

  • YAML
  • CSV

Install & setup the bundle

  1. Install via composer
    composer require docteurklein/translator-bundle=~3.0
  1. Add the bundle to your AppKernel class
    // app/AppKernerl.php
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...
            new Knp\Bundle\TranslatorBundle\KnpTranslatorBundle,
            // ...
        // ...
  1. Add routing
    // app/config/routing.yml

        resource: @KnpTranslatorBundle/Resources/config/routing/edition.yml
            prefix:   /trans/admin

        resource: @KnpTranslatorBundle/Resources/config/routing/routing.yml
            prefix:   /trans

These route files provide the following routes:

[router] Current routes
Name                     Method  Pattern
knplabs_translator_list  GET    /trans/admin/list
knplabs_translator_get   GET    /trans/{id}/{domain}/{locale}
knplabs_translator_put   PUT    /trans/

Minimal configuration

This bundle requires the activation of the core translator:

    // app/config/config.yml
        # ...
        translator:    { fallback: en }
        # ...

Additional configuration

This bundle relies on the Ext Core library. You can decide wheter or not it will be included automatically.

        include_vendor_assets: false # defaults to true


This bundle introduces those services:

knp_translator.dumper.csv                    container Knp\Bundle\TranslatorBundle\Dumper\CsvDumper
knp_translator.dumper.xliff                  container Knp\Bundle\TranslatorBundle\Dumper\XliffDumper
knp_translator.dumper.yaml                   container Knp\Bundle\TranslatorBundle\Dumper\YamlDumper
knp_translator.writer                        container Knp\Bundle\TranslatorBundle\Translation\Writer

controllers are services too:

knp_translator.controller.edition    request   Knp\Bundle\TranslatorBundle\Controller\EditionController
knp_translator.controller.translator request   Knp\Bundle\TranslatorBundle\Controller\TranslatorController


Updating a given translation key is really simple:

    $this->get('translator.writer')->write('the key to translate', 'the translated string', 'messages', 'en');

Rest API

  • Update english translations files for domain tests with translated value for key
    curl -X PUT http://project-url/trans/  \
        -F '' \
        -F 'domain=messages' \
        -F 'locale=en' \
        -F 'value=translate value' 
  • Get the translated value of key for english locale for tests domain
    curl http://project-url/trans/