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my precious
branch: master
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bin yeah
config/powerline/themes upgrade powerline
git_template/hooks add stuff
i3 yep all this
teamocil add refactor php tool
vim yep all this
w3m remove useless files
zsh/rc yep
.gitignore modify the way to auto tag
.gitmodules yep all this
Guardfile yeah modify install
Xdefaults yep all this
aliases yep all this
envvars yep all this
gemrc added gemrc noridoc
gitconfig yep all this
gitignore details
psqlrc add psql config submodule init
tmux.conf yep all this
toprc fix toprc
vimrc yep all this
xinitrc yep all this
zshrc yep all this


Clone the repository:

git clone git:// ~/dot-files

Create symbolic links:

for f in $(ls -1 ~/dot-files); do ln -s ~/dot-files/$f ~/.$f; done


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