A vim plugin to handle symfony and all that stuff
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Symfony2 plugin for ViM

This plugin handles:

  • symfony routing autocompletion
  • symfony DIC autocompletion
  • symfony console
  • php stack trace navigation using quickfix list

Config Variables:

You can overwride two variables on your .vimrc:

let g:symfony_app_console_caller= "php"
let g:symfony_app_console_path= "app/console"

You can also define this config per directory. Just add set exrc in your global .vimrc.
This will automatically read any .vimrc in the current folder (where you launched vim).

Service & routing completion

To handle routing or DIC autocompletion, you must define the path to your app console that returns valid output concerning dic and routing.

Then you can use (user completion feature) to see all routes and DIC services with some extra informations in the ViM's menu popup.

Symfony interactive console

<C-F> To open the Symfony interactive console.

If you want to change this:

let g:symfony_enable_shell_mapping = 0 "disable the mapping of symfony console

" Use your key instead of default key which is <C-F>
map *MY KEY* :execute ":!"g:symfony_enable_shell_cmd<CR>

stack trace navigation

To handle stack trace navigation with Symfony2, you can use this exception handler class:


Don't forget to require it in your autoload system.

Then you'll have to register the exception listener, for example (in your config_dev.yml):

        class: VimExceptionHandler
        arguments: [ 'dev-vim-server' ] # optional vim server name, defaults to 'dev'
            -  { name: 'kernel.event_listener', event: 'kernel.exception', method: 'onKernelException' }

To use it in another system, just use the same class by typing:

// require 'VimExceptionHandler.php'

Then launch vim using:

vim --servername dev-vim-server