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Referencing same object multiple times before flushing #57

deeky666 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I just encountered a problem with referencing an object multiple times with different names before flushing. It seems only the first reference I make gets persisted and is available in following fixtures. Here is an example:

public function load(ObjectManager $manager)
        $obj = new Obj();


        $this->addReference('first-reference', $obj);
        $this->addReference('second-reference', $obj);


When referencing "first-reference" in the following fixture I get the persisted object I expect. But if I reference "second-reference" I get an object that is in an unpersisted state. This is problematic if I want to relate the previously persisted object to another object in a following fixture by referencing "second-reference".
If I flush before adding the references, everything works fine. Is it a bug or an intended behaviour?


Please report it to the DataFixtures library. This bundle only provides the command calling the library, not the fixture loading logic.

@lavoiesl lavoiesl closed this
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