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Hey guys!

This is a basic generate command for generating a new fixture class. It's basic and has really just one option: whether or not it should be container aware.

Also, small updates for the other task.



Here, I'd expect, you call a static method, but renderFile is an instance method, hm?


I'd rename the filename as "fixturesClass.php.twig".


Well done, Ryan!


Thanks Fabian! I've made your suggested changes and re-tested the command.

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I'm going through the pending PRs of this repo (and I'm amazed about how old they can be). As I'm considering dropping the bundle for 2.1 (see my comment on #26), I think this command should probably be added in SensioGeneratorBundle instead

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Wow, it is indeed very old… Moving it to SensioGeneratorBundle would be nice indeed.

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