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yes. configuration is done through config.yml files, but there is an option to provide configuration at runtime in the command.
which is not working properly, and the issue is for that.


I'm having the same problem! =(

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@saggi18dec can you please provide some more details?


If i give configuration file path in the command, and give the migrations directory in that file, its not getting changed.

created a file : migrations.yml
and typed:
migrations_dir: /path/to/migrations

and given its path in doctrine:migrations:status --configuration="/path/to/migrations.yml"

now, the path given in migrations.yml is not used for generating migration scripts [version*]

The problem is in /DoctrineMigrationsBundle/Command/DoctrineCommand.php

$dir = $container->getParameter('doctrine_migrations.dir_name');

The above setting gives problem when we pass the configuration in command line arguments such as:

php console doctrine:migrations:status --configuration=/path/to/configuration.yml

the configuration path is overwritten by above mentioned lines.

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thx for now ;)


probably fixed in #95 ?


@mikeSimonson : can this be closed too then?


@jrobeson I would prefer to close it only when test are made for that issue

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Closing becuase of doctrine/migrations#219

@stof stof closed this Aug 4, 2015
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