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Integrates Doctrine MongoDB ODM with Symfony2

Merge pull request #297 from malarzm/config-repo

Added repository_factory and default_repository_class Configuration options
latest commit 9e98fd9def
@malarzm malarzm authored
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CacheWarmer Rename doctrine.odm.mongodb to doctrine_mongodb.odm
Command Added a parameter allowing the default fixtures path to be configured
Cursor added command for daemons on tailable cursors
DataCollector Add more info about command in pretty data collector
DependencyInjection Added repository_factory and default_repository_class Configuration o…
Form [Form] Rewrite DocumentType test case
Logger changed query logging to debug instead of info
Mapping/Driver Merge branch '2.0'
Resources Added repository_factory and default_repository_class Configuration o…
Tests Added repository_factory and default_repository_class Configuration o…
Validator/Constraints Refactored the validator integration
.gitignore Use composer for test suite
.travis.yml Improve the Travis configuration Rewrite service changes in changelog Create 3.0.x changelog with BETA5 and BETA6 PR lists
DoctrineMongoDBBundle.php fixed parameter
LICENSE Add MIT license
ManagerConfigurator.php Changed file permissions
ManagerRegistry.php Updated license header
README.markdown Merge branch '2.0'
composer.json Fix the lowest bounds for composer constraints
phpunit.xml.dist Autoload Symfony\\Tests



This bundle integrates the Doctrine2 MongoDB Object Document Mapper (ODM) library into Symfony so that you can persist and retrieve objects to and from MongoDB.

Build Status

Documentation on how to install and use this bundle is available in the Symfony2 documentation.


The composer.json file in each branch indicates Symfony2 compatibility. Additionally, several tags are available:

  • 3.0.x for Symfony 2.1 (this tracks the master branch)
  • 2.2.x for Symfony 2.0 (this tracks the 2.0 branch)
  • 2.1.x and 2.0.x for Symfony 2.0 and older Doctrine MongoDB ODM versions
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