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namespace Doctrine\Bundle\MongoDBBundle\Command;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputArgument;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputOption;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface;
* Generate document classes from mapping information
* @author Fabien Potencier <>
* @author Jonathan H. Wage <>
class GenerateDocumentsDoctrineODMCommand extends DoctrineODMCommand
protected function configure()
->setDescription('Generate document classes and method stubs from your mapping information.')
->addArgument('bundle', InputArgument::REQUIRED, 'The bundle to initialize the document or documents in.')
->addOption('document', null, InputOption::VALUE_OPTIONAL, 'The document class to initialize (shortname without namespace).')
->addOption('no-backup', null, InputOption::VALUE_NONE, 'Do not backup existing entities files.')
The <info>doctrine:mongodb:generate:documents</info> command generates document classes and method stubs from your mapping information:
You have to limit generation of documents to an individual bundle:
<info>php app/console doctrine:mongodb:generate:documents MyCustomBundle</info>
Alternatively, you can limit generation to a single document within a bundle:
<info>php app/console doctrine:mongodb:generate:documents "MyCustomBundle" --document="User"</info>
You have to specify the shortname (without namespace) of the document you want to filter for.
By default, the unmodified version of each document is backed up and saved
(e.g. ~Product.php). To prevent this task from creating the backup file,
pass the <comment>--no-backup</comment> option:
<info>php app/console doctrine:mongodb:generate:documents MyCustomBundle --no-backup</info>
protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output)
$bundleName = $input->getArgument('bundle');
$filterDocument = $input->getOption('document');
$foundBundle = $this->findBundle($bundleName);
if ($metadatas = $this->getBundleMetadatas($foundBundle)) {
$output->writeln(sprintf('Generating documents for "<info>%s</info>"', $foundBundle->getName()));
$documentGenerator = $this->getDocumentGenerator();
foreach ($metadatas as $metadata) {
if ($filterDocument && $metadata->getReflectionClass()->getShortName() != $filterDocument) {
if (strpos($metadata->name, $foundBundle->getNamespace()) === false) {
throw new \RuntimeException(
"Document " . $metadata->name . " and bundle don't have a common namespace, ".
"generation failed because the target directory cannot be detected.");
$output->writeln(sprintf(' > generating <comment>%s</comment>', $metadata->name));
$documentGenerator->generate([$metadata], $this->findBasePathForBundle($foundBundle));
} else {
throw new \RuntimeException(
"Bundle " . $bundleName . " does not contain any mapped documents.".
"Did you maybe forget to define a mapping configuration?");