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[#DCOM-164] ignoring @type phpdoc annotations #2

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mnapoli commented Jan 22, 2013

Issue DCOM-164

phpDocumentor guys wrote their own PSR to define how to use phpdoc properly (
They deprecate the @var annotation and recommend using @type instead.

The @type (phpdoc) annotation is not blacklisted/ignored by the AnnotationReader. Code that uses this annotation raises errors with Doctrine/Annotations.

@type should be blacklisted/ignored, but may that create BC breaks for users?

This PR contains test + fix

@mnapoli mnapoli referenced this pull request in PHP-DI/PHP-DI Jan 22, 2013

Support @type annotation like @var annotation #33

Doctrine member

This breaks BC, the MongoDB ODM for examples uses @Type - can you confirm @jwage or @jmikola ?

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jmikola commented Jan 22, 2013

Fields may have a type property, but we don't seem to have a Type annotation:

Doctrine member

Ok weird, CouchDB copied MongoDB @Type - it seems it doesnt exist in MongoDB anymore.

mnapoli commented Jan 23, 2013

@beberlei either way (merging or not this PR) there will be a problem right?
Either @type phpdoc will mess Doctrine's annotations up in the future (I don't know if people already use it), either there's a risk of breaking BC.


Having similar issue with @TODO/@FIX tags

AnnotationException: [Semantical Error] The annotation "@FIX" in method Vendor\VendorBundle\Controller\DummyController::dummyAction() was never imported. Did you maybe forget to add a "use" statement for this annotation?
@mnapoli mnapoli referenced this pull request in phpDocumentor/fig-standards Sep 16, 2013

@type and compatibility with Doctrine's annotations #21

Doctrine member

Not valid anymore. phpDoc does not rely on type, and still uses var.
PSR-5 is considering type, but until this gets approved... no work on our side.

@mnapoli mnapoli deleted the unknown repository branch May 24, 2014
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