DCOM-118: [GH-195] Add failing test to demonstrate parse error when @ is present in the description #416

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If someone can take this and fix the issue it'd be great. I couldn't figure it out at a quick glance and I don't really have time, but it's a pretty messed up bug and not so trivial to debug if you don't know what happens in the background so I'd say it's pretty important.


Comment created by psc:

I digged a little deeper. The test case is a great one :)
The DocLexer cuts ut -1 position from the first @ (which is the @ in the @example.com). so that the lexer has to process:

     * }
     * @AnnotationTargetPropertyMethod("Bar")

So that the catchable pattern: ("(?:[^"]|"")*") matches here to greedy (it matches string in quotes):

     * }
     * @AnnotationTargetPropertyMethod("

As a result the lexer does not catch the correct @ from the Annotation

I could not think of a fast fix for this. But maybe tomorrow.
(leaving quoted string pattern with an @ was a wrong idea)

Its not a workaround to do more or less cutting in the parser, because not-well-formed quoted strings would break anyway


Comment created by psc:

can someone think of a case, where a string (in some annotation) has a newline in it? Otherwise the tests do not fail, when I leave the string matching pattern with a newline.
I still had another idea to restrict the position of a annotation more strictly to:

  • the beginning of a new line (\s*\s before)
  • in another annotation

but the second is not solvable with the lexer itself and would transfer the quoted string matching to the parser, because it needs context.

I'll let seldaek pull, what I have (is this the right way?)


Comment created by @ocramius:

PR @ doctrine/annotations#17


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A related Github Pull-Request [GH-195] was closed:


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This fix was merged in latest master


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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