DCOM-17: Add Collection::slice($offset, $length) #471

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Jira issue originally created by user @beberlei:

Since we are still at a point were bc breaks are potentially not so harming:

We need a slice() method on the Collection for forward compatibility, the support for large and very large collections using FETCH_EXTRA would heavily benefit from a method like this.

 * Extract a slice of $length elements starting at position $offset from the Collection.
 * If $length is null it returns all elements from $offset to the end of the Collection.
 * Keys have to be preserved by this method.
 * @param int $offset
 * @param int $length
 * @return array
public function slice($offset, $length = null);

The ArrayCollection implement would be:

public function slice($offset, $length = null);
    return array*slice($this->*elements, $offset, $length, true); // preserve keys

Comment created by @beberlei:

Updated preserve paragraph


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Comment created by jpieper:

Is there any reason why slice() returns an array although methods like filter() and map() return an instance of Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection?

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