DCOM-243: 'Zend OPcache' PHP extension might prevent AnnotationReader from getting entity class comments #551

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Jira issue originally created by user VictorSmirnov:

If module Zend OPcache is installed and configured not to save comments the AnnotationReader class fails to parse data for entities.

Output from php -m contains line Zend OPcache.
The module is configured with the following parameter opcache.save_comments=0.

I would expect the AnnotationReader constructor to throw an exception. But it does not check if the module is loaded.

In addition to the check for opcache module

        if (extension*loaded('opcache') && ini_get('opcache.save*comments') == 0) {
            throw AnnotationException::optimizerPlusSaveComments();

we might have a new check for the Zend OPcache module

        if (extension*loaded('Zend OPcache') && ini_get('opcache.save*comments') == 0) {
            throw AnnotationException::optimizerPlusSaveComments();

Comment created by VictorSmirnov:

Please check the pull request - doctrine/annotations#35
I think this might be a simple fix.

It took us a while here to discover the issue on production. I think the setup might be quite common on production servers. Adding the check should save people time on troubleshooting.

Warm regards,

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This issue was moved to doctrine/annotations#85

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