DCOM-48: Autoloading with a namespace is very restricted #648

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Jira issue originally created by user matthieu:

Sorry for the vague title of the issue, but here is the problem:

$classLoader = new ClassLoader('Tests', '/basePath/tests');

If I want to autoload \Tests\Class1*, it will look for */basePath/tests/Tests/Class1.php.

I would like it to load: /basePath/tests/Class1.php. i.e., the namespace registered is removed from the path.

Do you see what I mean ? Zend Framework autoloader allow this behavior, I am surprised the Doctrine autoloader doesn't allow that.



Comment created by matthieu:

Hi, any news on this ?

I'd like to know if this is going to be corrected some day, or if I should not wait for it and find another solution ?

Thank you


Comment created by @guilhermeblanco:


Zend Framework (v1) does not follow PSR-0 (http://groups.google.com/group/php-standards/web/psr-0-final-proposal) so it does whatever it wants.
Second version of Zend Framework is PSR-0 compliant, so your wish will probably fail too.

Let me explain what is the deal: Every single project, no matter what it is, can be contained in a package (aka. namespace in PHP). This means that:

- Controller.php
- Controller/
  - Action.php

Is plain wrong. Why? Because it's part of a project (Your app (Application), Zend, Doctrine, Symfony, etc).
Due to this, PSR-0 stricts that it only loads namespaced classes, and nothing else. It was an agreement between 18 big PHP projects, including ZF, Symfony, Lithium, CodeIgniter, etc.



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Comment created by @beberlei:

You can use any autoloader you want for your own classes, the Doctrine one is just focused on namespaces becuse Doctrine only uses namespaces.

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