DCOM-9: Annotation mapper tries to parse PHPDocblock annotations #691

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Jira issue originally created by user mac_nibblet:

In the upgrade from DC2 beta1 to beta2 the annonation mapper now starts to try and parse a some of the PHPDocblock annotations such as @package @subpackage but also the email adress in @author

Example of docblock

 * @author Antoine Hedgecock <antoine@pmg.se>
 * @version 1.0.0

 * @package Models
 * @subpackage Default
 * @Entity(repositoryClass="Default*Model_Mapper*Category")
 * @Table(name="categories")
 * @InheritanceType("SINGLE_TABLE")
 * @DiscriminatorColumn(name="type", type="smallint")
 * @DiscriminatorMap({
 *  "0" = "Project*Model*Category"
 * })

will cause it to try and load

note pmg because its in the email of the author annotation


Comment created by romanb:

Please try with the latest version of Doctrine Common http://github.com/doctrine/common

See also DCOM-8


Comment created by mac_nibblet:

After comparing the source code version i found the following changes that could cause the issue

Line 249 in Beta2

$this->lexer->lookahead != null && ! $this->lexer->isNextToken(Lexer::T*OPEN*PARENTHESIS) && ! ClassLoader::classExists($name)

Comment created by romanb:

Fixed in the beta3 release that is already out now.


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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