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Add an prefix to ApcCache #257

wants to merge 22 commits into from

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In shared hosting I ran into cache-collision. This gives users the option to avoid this problem.

stof and others added some commits Jul 18, 2012
@stof stof Added the support of namespace alias in getManagerForClass b0ed9cc
@beberlei beberlei Release 2.3.0-RC1 9b67267
@beberlei beberlei Bump dev version to 2.3.1 145154f
@beberlei beberlei Fix automatic version 1ba1f94
@asm89 asm89 Add Criteria::create() 198bb60
@beberlei beberlei Criteria#orWhere and Criteria#andWhere for fluent condition building 83d6a2d
@beberlei beberlei Merge branch 'CriteriaEnhancements' into 2.3 2fccdb2
@beberlei beberlei Move Selectable#expr() to static Criteria#expr() for creation of an E…
…xpressionBuilder, it makes much more sense that way.
@beberlei beberlei Merge branch 'CriteriaExpressionBuilder' into 2.3 2ec4bc6
@till till Ensure PEAR's @package_version@ is not evaluated when Doctrine parses…
… annotations.

[I also added a trailing ',' to the array. Hope you don't mind.]
@beberlei beberlei Release 2.3.0-RC2 90be800
@beberlei beberlei Bump dev version to 2.3.1 65b77ab
@beberlei beberlei Update Build common dependency 605b1b8
@lsmith77 lsmith77 silence unlink() calls
otherwise its not possible to just call delete without first checking if there is something there, but doing that could lead to issues with concurrency
@pborreli pborreli [Annotations] Refactoring proposal for performance and readability b6ea09b
@beberlei beberlei Merge branch 'AnnotationsPerformanceReadability' into 2.3 d3c7341
@beberlei beberlei Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.3' into 2.3 400029b
@beberlei beberlei Bump dev version to 2.3.0 24c761b
@beberlei beberlei Release 2.3.0-RC3 d0818fb
@beberlei beberlei Release 2.3.0 d1c7d43
@beberlei beberlei Bump dev version to 2.3.1 bb0aebb
@NoUseFreak NoUseFreak Add an optional prefix to the cache id. c4ac035


thank you for positing this Pull Request. I have automatically opened an issue on our Jira Bug Tracker for you with the details of this Pull-Request. See the Link:

@NoUseFreak NoUseFreak closed this Mar 3, 2013
@NoUseFreak NoUseFreak deleted the NoUseFreak:apc-prefix branch Mar 3, 2013
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