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@Majkl578 Majkl578 released this Jul 12, 2018

Starting with this release, some of the components were moved to separate packages:

They have been removed from this package and replaced with a dependency on the new packages.

This release also introduces the following deprecations:

  • Doctrine\Common\Proxy component is deprecated, use ocramius/proxy-manager instead
  • Doctrine\Common\Util\Debug is deprecated, use symfony/var-dumper instead
  • Doctrine\Common\Lexer is deprecated, use Doctrine\Common\Lexer\AbstractLexer from doctrine/lexer instead
  • Doctrine\Common\Util\Inflector is deprecated, use Doctrine\Common\Inflector\Inflector from doctrine/inflector instead
  • Doctrine\Common\Version is deprecated, refrain from checking Common version at runtime
  • Doctrine\Common\Util\ClassUtils is deprecated without replacement,
  • Doctrine\Common\CommonException is deprecated without replacement.

Additionally, doctrine/common package now enters a bugfix-only mode and will be gradually phased out.
Please migrate to specific components instead.

  • Total issues resolved: 1
  • Total pull requests resolved: 5
  • Total contributors: 4




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