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Running the Doctrine 2 Testsuite

Running tests

Execute PHPUnit in the root folder of your doctrine-common clone.


Testing Lock-Support

The Lock support in Doctrine 2 is tested using Gearman, which allows to run concurrent tasks in parallel. Install Gearman with PHP as follows:

  1. Go to and download the latest Gearman Server
  2. Compile it and then call ldconfig
  3. Start it up "gearmand -vvvv"
  4. Install pecl/gearman by calling "gearman-beta"

You can then go into tests/ and start up two workers:

php Doctrine/Tests/ORM/Functional/Locking/LockAgentWorker.php

Then run the locking test-suite:

phpunit --configuration <myconfig.xml> Doctrine/Tests/ORM/Functional/Locking/GearmanLockTest.php

This can run considerable time, because it is using sleep() to test for the timing ranges of locks.

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