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Remove the hhvm-nightly job from the matrix

hhvm-nightly is not available anymore on Travis for now, because HHVM dropped support for Ubuntu 10.04.

This also switches to the new Travis infrastructure
latest commit ff72726b08
@stof stof authored
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lib Update DefaultFileLocator.php
tests Fix static call in test
.gitignore Explicitly requiring a newer PHPUnit version for builds
.gitmodules Fix Doctrine Common Version
.travis.yml Remove the hhvm-nightly job from the matrix
LICENSE LGPL => MIT license Fixed link to Documentation
UPGRADE_TO_2_1 Updated UPGRADE_TO_2_1 and fixed some code
UPGRADE_TO_2_2 adds spaces Reimplement build process
build.xml Fix bug in build.xml
composer.json Bumping master branch to `2.6.x-dev`

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