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The projects under the Doctrine umbrella use [Phing]( to
automate the process for building our distributable PEAR packages.
++ Prerequisites
* You must have PEAR installed.
* You must have [Phing]( installed. The easiest way is through [pear](
* You must have the [d51PearPkg2Task]( added to the core Phing tasks.
* Copy the **** file to **** and adjust any properties to your local environment, if necessary.
++ Building
Clone the Doctrine project that you want to build and from within the root
directory of the project (where the build.xml resides) run one of the following
$ git clone git:// doctrine2-orm
$ cd doctrine2-orm
As mentioned previously, Doctrine uses submodules with git to make sure the
required dependencies are present. You can initialize these dependencies using
the following commands:
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
+++ Basic Build
You can simply run `phing` and it will build the sources that are packaged for
$ phing
After a successful build you will find the prepared code that will be packaged
for distribution in the **build** directory.
+++ Distributable Archives
If you want to produce a distributable PEAR archive run:
$ phing build-packages
After a successful build you will find the distributable archive(s) in the
**dist** directory.
+++ Running Tests
The tests will be run automatically by most other targets but you can also run
them directly:
$ phing test
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