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Proxy class instance cannot be bulk updated (missing _rev) #70

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Daniel Wetzel Benjamin Eberlei
Daniel Wetzel

When loading a document which references another document a proxy class instance is used.
When this is bulk updated the update fails since there is no _rev field. I did not check but a normal update would probably fail as well.

When the proxy class loads the data from the database there is already an entry for the revision id in the document manager. This one need to be updated.

--- a/application/library/Doctrine/ODM/CouchDB/UnitOfWork.php
+++ b/application/library/Doctrine/ODM/CouchDB/UnitOfWork.php
@@ -221,6 +221,7 @@ class UnitOfWork
             if ( ($document instanceof Proxy && !$document->__isInitialized__) || isset($hints['refresh'])) {
                 $overrideLocalValues = true;
                 $oid = spl_object_hash($document);
+                               $this->documentRevisions[$oid] = $rev;
         } else {
             $document = $class->newInstance();
Benjamin Eberlei


Benjamin Eberlei beberlei closed this
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