Update Metadata infrastructure to the latest doctrine libraries #47

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saem commented Sep 27, 2012

Use the latest and greatest from Doctrine/common.

Saem Ghani and others added some commits Sep 26, 2012
Saem Ghani Updated Metadata collection to the latest doctrine libraries
* Remove composer.lock file which precluded pulling down dependencies -- this lets you now work on the project
* A number of tests still fail or error out, they did the same thing before, so no change (I will get to those in another commit)
** There is a performance test which runs just slightly over 1 second on my machine and is failing, there needs to be a better way
* Updated Configuration to use new Metadata Driver implementation
** This means that rather than have . separated FQCN for file names, now short names are used
* Updated ClassMetadata, ClassMetadataInfo, and ClassMetadata to new doctrine infrastructure
** This has introduced a failing test InheritenceTest::testPersistInheritanceReferenceOne, but I think the test doesn't make sense, even with a reference one you inherit from multiple classes and you can't have multiple inheritence, so the proxy should only extend the abstract class, as a parameter it's covariant, but the returned type is covariant
** The ClassMetadataFactoryTest::testGetMetadataForDocumentWithMappedSuperclass the test doesn't make sense, the rootDocumentName should be Super, as everything else is extending it?

Known Issues:
* I am doing a simple insert and then using findBy to pull it out, it's only inserting one (verified by futon), and but a count on the returned array shows 3, this was busted before and after. =(
@saem saem Update lib/Doctrine/ODM/CouchDB/Mapping/MappingException.php
Add missing method static factory method for MappingException.

This is used by DoctrineCouchDBBundle in the XML and YAML drivers.
@saem saem referenced this pull request in doctrine/DoctrineCouchDBBundle Oct 1, 2012

Fix XML and YAML drivers #18

@beberlei beberlei merged commit 593b6fc into doctrine:master Nov 10, 2012
@meckhardt meckhardt pushed a commit to meckhardt/DoctrineCouchDBBundle that referenced this pull request Feb 10, 2014
Saem Ghani Updates to use latest Doctrine/common faclities ef1b9d6
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