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Remove .gitmodules file and submodule dirs #6

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This sounds absolutly obvious to me.


Well should I argue about it?


Okay so Jon Wage said on IRC

 we just need to be able to clone the repo and run the tests easily without having to satisfy dependencies in order to help with development

OK. So I propose to rename .gitmodules to .gitmodules.dist. It is still easy to rename the file then update the submodules.

This is why I want this PR to be applied:

  • I use to manage my project dependencies with git submodule update --recursive
  • As a user of data-fixtures I don't need its common, dbal, orm and mongodb submodules. I have Doctrine already.
  • I don't want to download stuff I don't need (data-fixtures vendors = 126Mb)
  • I don't want duplicated instances of Doctrine in my project, it makes code browsing (ctags) and searching (find,grep,ack) painful.

Git is a great tool, let's not use it that way.
Does renaming .gitmodules to .gitmodules.dist sound acceptable for you?


Lets pull in Benjamin to see what he thinks about the change. I am okay with changing it but we should do it across all libraries.


Yeah I stumbled over this with the other Doctrine projects too. Not sure what the best solution is though.


I think we can provide a shell script that loads all dependencies in tests/ or not?


yes, it would be better to have some scripts instead, like symfony-standard I have tried renaming .gitmodules it fails upon --recursive action you would need to remove those module entries from .git/config


Symfony provides a vendors.php script used to load the dependencies of the testsuite. The same could be done for Doctrine:


This issue is not fixed yet is it?

I would like to use migrations together with doctrine2 orm.

The .gitmodules files looks the same for both those projects. Meaning that if I would use git clone --recursive I would download doctrine-common, doctrine-dbal, Symfony/Component/Console and /Symfony/Component/Yaml TWICE.

If you can't find a good solution I would be very glad if you could create some new documentation on how to use the projects together.

Does this gist contain a semi-solution??

Edit: No. Since they use git submodule update --init --recursive at the end they would download loads of duplicate files as well... wouldn't they?


My solution is for now to NOT use --recursive.

I use this instead:


So, it is now useful to use composer instead of git submodules. shall you maybe merge this into master?


Yes, I think we can merge it if we can get it updated.



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0  .gitmodules → .gitmodules.dist
File renamed without changes
1  lib/vendor/doctrine-common
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
-Subproject commit 1b112962b09d799237b1b73caf3c838b46d976de
1  lib/vendor/doctrine-dbal
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
-Subproject commit 173d7ec18e0e7be791308da40df9a64e8516dc90
1  lib/vendor/doctrine-orm
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
-Subproject commit b05e1ad7ad7fe8bfb7253af790ca87199474658f
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