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DBAL-109: Doctrine/DBAL/Platforms/MySqlPlatform.php is missing test coverage around _getCreateTableSQL method #1026

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Jira issue originally created by user wilmoore:

In "Doctrine/DBAL/Platforms/MySqlPlatform.php", the following methods are public: getShowDatabasesSQL, getCreateDatabaseSQL, getDropDatabaseSQL, getDropTableSQL (easy to test); however, the "_getCreateTableSQL" method is not public.

Is there a specific reason for this difference?

As a result of this method not being tested, there is a "quote" method being called which doesn't exist.


The only way at this time to test for this case is to get an error when doing: $table->addOption('comment', '...');

I would suggest making the protected method public so it can be tested. I also suggest moving the options parsing out of _getCreateTableSQL into a helper method...this method seems a bit overloaded.

If agreed, I'm happy to take care of the cleanup. Just wanted to get some feedback on the ideas first.


Comment created by @beberlei:

This is an improvement


Comment created by @deeky666:

Is this issue still an issue? I neither see a "quote" method nor a "$table->addOption()" here...


Comment created by @deeky666:

Undefined method call fixed in commit: 79e04e9


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"

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