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DBAL-182: Insert and Merge Query Objects #1349

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Jira issue originally created by user @beberlei:

We are missing Insert and Merge Query Objects.

See Drupal DBTNG:



Comment created by @beberlei:

From the first glance: Drupal API has some problems in that it assumes literal values are the default, which makes working with them simple if no expression is necessary. But inconsistent otherwise.

Implementation Details:

  • Difference compared to QueryBuilder is that these objects are no builders, but actually executors.
  • Don't assume Literals
  • Creation is delegated to Platform (Runtime API of a Vendor)


Sample API:

$conn->createInsertQuery($tbl)->fields(array('foo', 'bar'))->values(array('?', '?'))->(array(1, 2))->execute();
$conn->createInsertQuery($tbl)->fields(array('foo', 'bar'))->params(array(1, 2))->execute(); // values(?, ?) is implicit.
$conn->createInsertQuery($tbl)->fields(array('foo', 'bar'))->params(array('NOW()', '1'))->execute(); // if no "params" set assume execute once.
$conn->createInsertQuery($tbl)->fields(array('foo', 'bar'))->value('foo', 'NOW())->params(array(1))->params(array(2))->execute();
$conn->createInsertQuery($tbl)->fields(array('foo', 'bar'))->select($queryBuilder)->execute();

Merge: I dont know yet:

problem i see here is that people mistake values() for a "safe" method and pass values in there that should be quoted instead.

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