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DBAL-28: Better error messages while creating schema #1459

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Jira issue originally created by user zyxist:

I'd like to suggest some improvements in the schema builder concerning error messages, which do not tell the most important information needed to find the problem quickly and without irritation. Below, I present a simple case I encountered yesterday: I had a quite big schema to generate, but I made a mistake in index column names. Doctrine thrown me the following exception:

An unknown column-name name was given.

What I miss, is the table name, where I try to define such an index. I took a look at the messages for SchemaException and I noticed that none of them provides it, except those ones which refer directly to tables.

Another small, but useful improvement is enclosing the table/column/index/sequence/anything-else names in quotes or double quotes in order to make them better distinguishable from the message body. My first impression from the message above was that I have a "column-name" name defined somewhere, not a column named "name".

To sum up, the expected message should look like this:

An unknown column-name 'name' was given for index 'foo' in table 'bar'.

The problem is minor, but I would be grateful if you remembered about it in the near future, so that I could have more useful error messages at least in the stable releases.


Comment created by @beberlei:

fixed, changed on other exceptions also.


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