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DBAL-319: Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Type #1503

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Jira issue originally created by user till:

The API could be improved in the next major release:

  • Type::add() instead of addType()
  • Type::isRegistered() instead of hasType() (has sounds weird)

Etc.. I think the 'type' in the methods is redundant since Type is already the object I am dealing with.

I'd also like a remove() method to unregister a type at runtime. Would make testing a little easier and I don't have to check with hasType() etc..


Comment created by @ocramius:

I don't think those namings are really important.
There's one major change to do, which is to somehow get rid of the staticness of the Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Type class, and it is not a simple task.
It would also be interesting to set the type objects manually, such as a database password type that does encryption/decryption based on a given service. That cannot be done without staticness right now, which renders two different connections requiring the same functionality but with different parameters very difficult.


Comment created by till:

I agree on the static. But I'd also like the API to be cleaned up and the remove method.


Comment created by @deeky666:

API cleanup and staticness can be addressed in 3.0 for the first time. Otherwise we cannot keep BC. You can use Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Type::overrideType('someType', null); as a workaround for removing a type from the registry.

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