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DBAL-332: Memory option for Sqlite driver does nothing #1518

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Jira issue originally created by user dalexandre:

I'm trying to configure a "memory" sqlite database, as described here:

So here is my configuration (config_test.yml) :

        driver:    pdo_sqlite
        memory:    true
        user:      db_user
        password:  db_pwd
        charset:   UTF8

I'm then running ./app/console doctrine:database:create --env=test and the result is a "myBdName" db file (the filename contains the quote!!) in my root folder.

I don't understand why the file is creating a path option with my DB name, if I comment the line 57, everything seems fine (no more file created).

I have seen some memory related options in the Doctrine test suite so maybe I'm doing it wrong, and in that case that's a documentation issue I can work on.



Comment created by @beberlei:

You cannot create an in memory database using Symfonys database:create. The in memory database will be closed when the request ends. So its completly useless this way. You have to recreate it in every request that you want to use it. It is just good for one request.


Comment created by dalexandre:

My example with "app/console" is misleading,
what I want to do is building a memory SQLite database on the fly and run some code right after it (in a phpunit test).

The issue here is that there is an option documented (first link) that doesn't work / is not implemented (second link). And a physic file is generated, it should not.

As your answer seems to be based on the mistaken impression that I wanted to use volatile database in a persistent way, I'm reopening this issue.

Thanks for your time.


Comment created by @beberlei:

Try removing the user/password keys. memory database connection works for me, this seems to be a configuration issue.

If you want to create an in memory db for testing then you have to create the schema with SchemaTool inside the phpunit tests.


Comment created by @beberlei:

No feedback on potential fix, this issue is either misconfiguration or wrong use of the API. I couldn't reproduce this and it works for me (TM).


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Comment created by iainp999:

Hi guys, this does not work for me either. Same use case.


driver: pdo_sqlite
memory: true


Comment created by iainp999:

Apologies for resurrecting an old issue but a google search brought me here.

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Issue still persists with latest doctrine/orm and doctrine-bundle packages. Just to recap on what's happening, a file "projectname" with quotes is being created in the project root, and we are getting an sql error saying the table we are querying is not found.

here's the gist of my implementation in case it's an issue on my end -

In case it might be mentioned, I have also tried setting the path to :memory:

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