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DBAL-4: missing column type "enum" #1591

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Jira issue originally created by user chriswest:

The former supported column type "enum" is not defined in Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Type.

I've included a patch which enables the missing "enum" type in AnnotationDriver, SchemaTool and DBAL/Types. Currently, only the MySQL Platform is supported (others throw exceptions). Please have a look if you find this a possible solution. A new type "EnumType" has been added.

An example docblock syntax would be:

     * @Column(name="myenum", type="enum", values={"email","nickname"})
    private $myenum;

patch attached.


Comment created by romanb:

D2 has no enum type (because php has no enum type), we might need a new type class for this if necessary. Might be non-trivial.


Comment created by chriswest:

Yes, a new type class is needed. It should be possible (like in D1) to configure the list of available enum elements.

example from D1 doc:

      type: enum
      values: [php, java, python]

Would be important regarding migration issues.


Comment created by shurakai:

Roman, is your response to be considered a "we will work on this" or a "probably won't implement it". I'm asking because I was thinking whether I should get into this or not.


Comment created by @beberlei:

My take, given the flyweight architecture of our type-system this is only implementable with a specific Enum class in the userland. The only thing we could offer would be an abstract class to extend from. This would rather be a task for a Doctrine Extension in my opinion, or even a documentation/cookbook problem.


Comment created by @hobodave:

I see this as a non-issue. It belongs in an extension. ENUM is specific to MySQL, and is one of the most misused columns.


Comment created by @beberlei:

Change to minor


Comment created by @beberlei:


That is everything we can provide.


Issue was closed with resolution "Won't Fix"

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