DBAL-401: Log connection info with SQL logger #1594

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Jira issue originally created by user anandagra:

while using MasterSlave connection, it would be nice to see the connection being used ( master or which slave), this will help debug the app, if lots read queries are going to Master


Comment created by @beberlei:

It is possible already, when you have a logger that has access to the connection again. MasterSlaveConnection#isConnectedToMaster() can be used to check. Since we don't provide any useful loggers for production anyways this is up to your own logger.


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Comment created by anandagra:

thanks Eberlei, when using SQLLogger I donot get much information other than the query and params etc, I am using DebugStack or willing to extend it but Connection objects looks like they donot send much info, is there a way this could be achieved

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