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DBAL-470: [GH-291] Optimize abstract platform #1670

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Jira issue originally created by user @beberlei:

This issue is created automatically through a Github pull request on behalf of deeky666:

Url: #291


This PR optimizes the AbstractPlatform class in the following ways:

  • Add dedicated use statemtent for each class import
  • Add missing class imports
  • Add missing phpDoc blocks for methods
  • Fix existing phpDocs (parameters, return types, @throws tags, FQDN types, indentation etc.)
  • "Normalize" phpDocs (consistent verbs for what a method does, reuse of certain phrases for similar method types etc.)
  • Fix CS
  • Improve certain code portions

I hope this is a welcomed improvement. It reads much better now and feels somewhat cleaner to me.


Comment created by @doctrinebot:

A related Github Pull-Request [GH-291] was closed:


Comment created by @FabioBatSilva:

Closed ... See : doctrine/common#291 for more details..


Issue was closed with resolution "Fixed"


Comment created by @deeky666:

@Fabio: Are you sure your comment is related to this issue? Looks like the PR you referenced is from Common repository but this ticket is related to DBAL...


Comment created by @doctrinebot:

A related Github Pull-Request [GH-291] was closed:

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