DBAL-471: when persisting objects to Doctrine2 and one of the tables are named the same as a MySQL reserved word #1671

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Jira issue originally created by user pan100:

I am not sure this is a correct posting to your issue tracker, as I am a beginner at development, at least in the sense of doctrine.

I have an entity named Trigger in my Symfony2 project. I had set the table name to be "trigger", and this did not work. However, the entities were created without any problems, I first discovered the problem when attempting to persist a Trigger entity. The solution was to rename the table to "mtrigger" or something else, but I think the error message could be better somehow. Now it throws an exception with the MySQL error, which only says there's an error in the syntax, and to check the manual. The manual is quite huge and it was a horror for me before I started thinking in the field of reserved words.

Note that this is just a proposal to an improvement. It might be that it is hard to implement it for you. In that case, please just close the issue.


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Comment created by @ocramius:

Doctrine 2 ORM allows you to define "naming strategies" and/or to quote the table names with mysql-style ticks that get automatically quoted, like:

/*** @ORM\Table(name="`foo`") **/
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