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DBAL-77: Mysql Numeric / Decimal fields #1999

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Jira issue originally created by user eugeneiso:

class product {
*Column(type="decimal", scale="2")
private $discount;

generate SQL

create table product {
discount DECIMAL(10,2) NOT NULL

if you have a field in a database type DECIMAL doctrine tries to
generate for him diff

doctrine orm:schema-tool

ALTER TABLE product CHANGE discrount discrount NUMERIC (10, 2) NOT NULL

but mysql ignore the alter, as a result of these diff stretch from
migration to migration


Comment created by @beberlei:

This is fixed in RC1 or RC2.


Comment created by eugeneiso:

checked for the version of doctrine 2.1.0-DEV
result is the same


Comment created by extesy:

I have the same issue with the latest doctrine build. Please fix it because it makes schema migration scripts dirty with redundant changes.


Comment created by @beberlei:

I cannot reproduce this, does this happen if you also specify precision=10 ?


Comment created by @asm89:

Closing until someone can provide more feedback.


Issue was closed with resolution "Can't Fix"


Comment created by jsimpson:

I am seeing this bug for a definition specified as:

  • @ORM\Column(type="decimal", precision=20, scale=0, nullable=false, unique=true)

Doctrine Command Line Interface version 2.3.2-DEV

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