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DBAL-873: [GH-571] Introduced a Transaction object #2113

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This is a first draft on the idea of a Transaction object, as suggested by @guilhermeblanco and @beberlei in doctrine/doctrine2#949.

This makes the following changes to Connection:

  • Adds the following methods:
    • createTransaction() : begins a transaction and returns the associated Transaction object
    • getTransactionManager() : returns the TransactionManager
  • Deprecates beginTransaction() in favour of createTransaction()
  • Deprecates the following methods, in favour of their counterparts on Transaction:
    • commit()
    • rollBack()
    • setRollbackOnly()
    • isRollbackOnly()
  • Deprecates the following methods, in favour of their counterparts on TransactionManager:
    • isTransactionActive()
    • getTransactionNestingLevel()
    • setNestTransactionsWithSavepoints()
    • getNestTransactionsWithSavepoints()

The new way of dealing with transactions is then:

$transaction = $connection->createTransaction();

It also automatically propagates commit() and rollback() to nested transactions:

$transaction1 = $connection->createTransaction();
$transaction2 = $connection->createTransaction();
$transaction1->commit(); // will commit $transaction2 then $transaction1

Overall, it's not a complicated change, does not introduce any BC break, and passes all existing tests.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think!


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