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DBAL-914: the pdo_mysql driver do not always trhow an error when mysql does #2155

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Jira issue originally created by user mikesimonson:

When a query get passed to mysql with the pdo_mysql driver and that the query end with a double semicolon "Create table test (test vachar(1));;". Mysql throw an error and stop the execution of the query there (aka in between the first and the second semicolon).
That problem does not exist with the mysqli driver that correctly throw an error.


Comment created by @ocramius:

Doesn't look like a DBAL bug to me.

As far as I know, PDO does not support multiple queries at all, while mysqli does.


Comment created by mikesimonson:

I suppose it does because if I insert a sql stmt, in between the two semicolon, it gets executed.

I discovered that bug because I had one statement that created 20 tables or so and that someone edited it manually adding the second semicolon by mistake.
And suddenly all that was after that double semicolon wasn't executed anymore.

To be exact, I'd discover the bug using doctrine migration.
I have made a little patch that you can use to test that case.
For the test to run you will need to adapt the credential found in the Doctrine\DBAL\Migrations\Tests\MigrationTestCase file (after applying my patch).
If you replace in that file pdo_mysql with mysqli the dirver correctly issue an error while the other does not.
I have the impression that the root issue is that when mysql is given a statment with 2 semicolons at the end, it throws an error but with an empty errno.
You can test that directly in mysql console.



Comment created by @ocramius:

Bug depends on a php-src bug


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