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DBAL-934: [GH-628] bug fix for db2 v10 new column def of syscat.columns.default #2177

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It seems like ibm changed the column type of the column named "default" in syscat.columns in db2 luw v10. Probably in db2z too, but I haven't looked.

in v9.7 it was VARCHAR(254)*9.7.0/*9.7.0%2F2-10-7-17&lang=en

in 10.1 its CLOB(64k)*10.1.0/*10.1.0%2F2-9-8-18&lang=en

This causes an sql statement to fail. In
file: doctrine/dbal/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Platforms/DB2Platform.php
method: getListTableColumnsSQL()

We make some sql like

SELECT DISTINCT c.tabschema, c.tabname, c.colname, c.colno,
c.typename, c.default, c.nulls, c.length, c.scale,
c.identity, tc.type AS tabconsttype, k.colseq
FROM syscat.columns c

This causes an exception like:
[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/LINUXX8664] SQL0134N Improper use of a string column, host variable, constant, or function "DEFAULT". SQLSTATE=42907 SQLCODE=-134

The key problem here seems to be that you can't include a CLOB column in a select distinct.

At the very least, this breaks the command line tool for orm:schema-tool:update, although it might break other stuff too that I'm not aware of.

There's probably a cleaner query we can use, but I'm not familiar with the code base and what can/can't change. I don't want to introduce a bug, so I took the safe route and just did the ugly
subquery and join that shouldn't disturb anything. It's not like we need performance here.

I added a test which compares the results of the previous query with my new one. Seems to work. The test isn't something I expect to be added to your test suite - I figure someone else will run it manually to confirm my changes and then delete the test.


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