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DBAL-947: [GH-634] Transaction object definition #2191

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To move forward with the Transaction Object, here is an alternative proposal to #571.

This keeps the same basic idea, but now createTransaction() returns a TransactionDefinition object, which is configurable, and has a begin() method that starts the underlying transaction and returns the Transaction object:

$tx = $em->createTransaction()                                 // TransactionDefinition
    ->withIsolationLevel(Connection::TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE) // TransactionDefinition
    ->begin();                                                 // Transaction

I think that this implementation checks all the boxes:

  • Clear separation between the Transaction and its Definition
  • Once the Transaction is created, its Definition is set and cannot be changed
  • No risk to forget to call begin(): if you do, you'll deal with a TransactionDefinition and just get a call to undefined method if you try to commit() it. Plus, your IDE will be able to warn you while coding.

And needless to say, we're still keeping 100% BC compatibility.

What do you think?


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