DBAL-954: Custom QuoteStrategy doesn't work when creating new schema #2199

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Jira issue originally created by user lyzkov:

Implementing custom quote strategy:

class SingleQuoteStrategy extends DefaultQuoteStrategy implements QuoteStrategy
    public function getColumnName($fieldName, ClassMetadata $class, AbstractPlatform $platform)
        return isset($class->fieldMappings[$fieldName]['quoted'])
            ? $platform->quoteSingleIdentifier($class->fieldMappings[$fieldName]['columnName'])
            : $class->fieldMappings[$fieldName]['columnName'];

doesn't work when a new schema is created.

The problem is that in class file mapping I have column that has dot in its name escaped with back single quotes:

<field name="anuncianteId*delete" type="integer" column="`anunciante*id.delete`" nullable="true"/>

My custom quote strategy is necessary to force Doctrine to respect that. Otherwise Doctrine treats it as: namespace.name.

If I already have table with that column in my database update schema tool doesn't complains, the problem occurs only when I try to create new schema.

The error in resulting SQL Statement:
(SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 near ".": syntax error' while executing DDL: CREATE TABLE account ( (...) "anunciante_id"."delete" INTEGER DEFAULT NULL, (...) )

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Yeah I suppose this is due to Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\AbstractAsset not supporting such scenarios at the moment. It looks for a . to identify a namespaced identifier, ignoring the presence of quote characters. This is due to the simplicity of that class, not doing a robust and exact parsing of the given identifier. This could be improved indeed but might eventually affect performance...

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