Removed Paranthesis to allow for more complex Regex #133

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Needed to remove the Paranthesis to allow excluding of Tables with more complex Regular Expressions.

beberlei and others added some commits Jan 9, 2012

[DBAL-204] Sane refactoring of the previous idea. Removed a bunch of …
…code again and implemented proper schema namespacing. Also got the wording right (hopefully) and fixed the algorithms.
Fix for nasty bug that happens when there are 2 or more schemas with …
…tables that have the same name. Since all the AbstractPlatform classes get only the table name using ALL_* schema tables is dangerous because the owner is never supplied.

The other possible solution is to use the ALL_* tables but in each of the methods to fetch the owner before actualy querying them.
Merge pull request #92 from snc/patch-1
Allow NULL value when converting a blob to PHP value.

Koc commented on composer.json in 50c2542 Jan 29, 2012

why not 2.2.*?


beberlei replied Jan 29, 2012

i am not sure if 2.3-DEV would be included, as its < 2.3


Seldaek replied Jan 30, 2012

no 2.3-dev is not included in 2.2., it is <2.3 (stable, but it's bigger than 2.2.999999 (which is the upper bound of 2.2.)

beberlei and others added some commits Jan 29, 2012

@Hounddog Hounddog closed this Apr 17, 2012

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