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Add typehint info to core types for use by entity generator. #135

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So as you probably know, the EntityGenerator doesn't typehint the setters for the DateTime types (datetime, date, datetimetz, time) - which has just caused me to miss an obvious error, and judging from google, plenty of others before me too.

So I've added it - you'll have a pull request in a sec on the doctrine2 repo for that, but it needs this change too - which provides the mapping info.

@benlumley benlumley Added typehints map to Type class, plus a getter - used to provide ty…
…pehint info to support feature added to entitygenerator
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stof commented Apr 19, 2012

I don't see the need to store this array in DBAL, especially as custom types cannot expand the array. You should put it directly in the EntityGenerator

@benlumley benlumley closed this Apr 26, 2012
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