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Should be updating $this->_keywords. #161

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This pull request passes (merged 2c88ffb into d46cc59).

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Commits on Jun 7, 2012
  1. Should be updating $this->_keywords.

    Yuan Xie authored
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Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Platforms/AbstractPlatform.php
6 lib/Doctrine/DBAL/Platforms/AbstractPlatform.php
@@ -2690,8 +2690,8 @@ public function rollbackSavePoint($savepoint)
final public function getReservedKeywordsList()
// Check for an existing instantiation of the keywords class.
- if ($this->keywords) {
- return $this->keywords;
+ if ($this->_keywords) {
+ return $this->_keywords;
$class = $this->getReservedKeywordsClass();
@@ -2701,7 +2701,7 @@ public function rollbackSavePoint($savepoint)
// Store the instance so it doesn't need to be generated on every request.
- $this->keywords = $keywords;
+ $this->_keywords = $keywords;
return $keywords;
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