Added third an optional argument `types` to use prepared statement #186

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This pull request fails (merged 9159194a into e25c774).

This pull request fails (merged 9159194a into e25c774).

@beberlei beberlei commented on an outdated diff Aug 29, 2012
- public function fetchColumn($statement, array $params = array(), $colnum = 0)
+ public function fetchColumn($sql, array $params = array(), array $types = array(), $colnum = 0)
beberlei Aug 29, 2012 Owner

please move $types to the end otherwise this is a BC break that i cannot merge.


No CS issues from my side. =)
I also think the argument should be moved to the end

I've done, check please.

This pull request fails (merged 527ee2a1 into e25c774).

This pull request fails (merged 527ee2a1 into e25c774).

stof commented Aug 31, 2012

@timoshenko please fix the ConnectionMock

This pull request passes (merged 10aebd03 into e25c774).

Will this pull request be merged? Thanks.

stof commented Sep 16, 2012

@timoshenko please rebase your branch. It looks like you messed it.

Fixed, can you check again?


This is already in master.

@deeky666 deeky666 closed this Nov 21, 2013

@IgorTimoshenko Sorry I confused this. It's not in master. Can you please reopen?

stof commented Nov 23, 2013

@deeky666 when a repo collaborator closes a PR, only repo collaborators can click on the reopen button. So you have to do it. @IgorTimoshenko cannot (he could create a new one but this would split the discussion)

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