DBAL-371: Forward the SQLSTATE error code to DBALException #221

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mnapoli commented Oct 24, 2012

Forward the SQLSTATE error code to DBALException


Issue DBAL-371
Forward the SQLSTATE error code to DBALException

mnapoli commented Oct 24, 2012

SQL error code seems to differ according to the DBMS :(


mnapoli commented Oct 24, 2012

Now the test is passing, but there are errors with pgsql, I don't understand because they are SQL errors:

SQLSTATE[25P02]: In failed sql transaction: 7 ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block.

Are these tests supposed to pass?


beberlei commented Nov 13, 2012

That would be wrong imho, the DBALException is used for lots of different stuff. The exception hierachy is a bit borked here. I would accept the PR, if you introduce a new Exception \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\DriverException extends DBALException that does this.


mnapoli commented Dec 14, 2012

@beberlei I added \Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\DriverException as you requested, I see what you mean by "DBALException is used for lots of different stuff".

I didn't remove DBALException::driverExceptionDuringQuery even though it's not used anymore (replaced by DriverException::driverExceptionDuringQuery). I'm not sure wether I should remove it, what do you think?



mnapoli commented Dec 14, 2012

I'm giving up on postgresql :( I don't get how a simple create table would not work

+ if ($params) {
+ $msg .= " with params ".json_encode($params);
+ }
+ $msg .= ":\n\n".$driverEx->getMessage();

Baachi Dec 14, 2012

Newlines in an exception message? Really?


mnapoli Dec 14, 2012


erm, this is an exact copy of the same method in DBALException: https://github.com/doctrine/dbal/blob/master/lib/Doctrine/DBAL/DBALException.php#L39


mvrhov commented Dec 15, 2012

@mnapoli, @beberlei I've spent past 4 hours dissecting this, but it seems that something is seriously wrong with Postgresql tests. Half of the tables including dbal371 get created in the postgresql database, and the other half in designated databases the one specified in phpunit.xml, doctrine_tests in my case.
I'm very time constraint till the end of the year and I don't know if I'll be able to help more.

psql -U postgres
psql (9.2.1)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# \c postgres
You are now connected to database "postgres" as user "postgres".
postgres=# \d
                    List of relations
 Schema |           Name            |   Type   |  Owner
 public | alter_table               | table    | postgres
 public | alter_table_foreign       | table    | postgres
 public | column_comment_test       | table    | postgres
 public | column_comment_test2      | table    | postgres
 public | dbal371                   | table    | postgres
 public | doctrine_test_view        | view     | postgres
 public | domains                   | table    | postgres
 public | list_table_columns        | table    | postgres
 public | list_table_indexes_test   | table    | postgres
 public | list_tables_test          | table    | postgres
 public | test_autoincrement        | table    | postgres
 public | test_autoincrement_id_seq | sequence | postgres
 public | test_blob_table           | table    | postgres
 public | test_create_fk            | table    | postgres
 public | test_create_fk3           | table    | postgres
 public | test_create_fk4           | table    | postgres
 public | test_create_index         | table    | postgres
 public | test_fk_base              | table    | postgres
 public | test_fk_rename            | table    | postgres
 public | test_foreign              | table    | postgres
 public | test_table                | table    | postgres
 public | view_test_table           | table    | postgres
 public | write_table_id_seq        | sequence | postgres
(23 rows)
postgres=# \c doctrine_tests
You are now connected to database "doctrine_tests" as user "postgres".
doctrine_tests=# \d
                      List of relations
 Schema |             Name              |   Type   |  Owner
 public | autoinc_table                 | table    | postgres
 public | autoinc_table_add             | table    | postgres
 public | autoinc_table_add_id_seq      | sequence | postgres
 public | autoinc_table_drop            | table    | postgres
 public | autoinc_table_drop_id_seq     | sequence | postgres
 public | autoinc_table_id_seq          | sequence | postgres
 public | caching                       | table    | postgres
 public | dbal204_test_prefix           | table    | postgres
 public | dbal204_without_prefix        | table    | postgres
 public | dbal91_something              | table    | postgres
 public | ddc1372_foobar                | table    | postgres
 public | domain_type_test              | table    | postgres
 public | dropcreate_sequences_test_seq | sequence | postgres
 public | fetch_table                   | table    | postgres
 public | list_sequences_test_seq       | sequence | postgres
 public | master_slave_table            | table    | postgres
 public | modify_limit_table            | table    | postgres
 public | modify_limit_table2           | table    | postgres
 public | modify_limit_table2_id_seq    | sequence | postgres
 public | nontemporary                  | table    | postgres
 public | portability_table             | table    | postgres
 public | sequences                     | table    | postgres
 public | test_create_fk1               | table    | postgres
 public | test_create_fk2               | table    | postgres
 public | type_conversion               | table    | postgres
 public | write_table                   | table    | postgres
 public | write_table_id_seq            | sequence | postgres
(27 rows)


phpunit --version
PHPUnit 3.7.7 by Sebastian Bergmann.
php -v
PHP 5.4.9-1.pi (cli) (built: Dec 14 2012 13:58:25)
Copyright (c) 1997-2012 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.4.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2012 Zend Technologies
    with Xdebug v2.2.1, Copyright (c) 2002-2012, by Derick Rethans

mvrhov commented Dec 15, 2012

The problem is probably in getSchemaManager()->tablesExist() I'm going to assume that it temporary switches the database to get the tables list, but then doesn't switch back. If I comment all the tests with a call to that method. Some tests fail because the table they attempt to create already exists, but none of the created tables gets created in the postgresql database.

calling $this->_conn->getDatabase(); before and after the call to getSchemaManager()->tablesExist() outputs the doctrine_tests which seems to be wrong...


mnapoli commented Dec 15, 2012

@mvrhov thank you I'm not crazy!

Burgov commented Jan 7, 2013

You can always do a ->getPrevious() call on the DBALException and read the code from that. However, codes are driver dependent, so unreliable IMO...

I'd like to see the exceptions completely refactored (http://www.doctrine-project.org/jira/browse/DBAL-407). That way, the driver can throw the appropriate exception which can be caught by classname. Checking the error code or the error message is then no longer necessary

@mvrhov mvrhov referenced this pull request in doctrine/doctrine2 Jan 11, 2013


Revived #265: [WIP] Mapping support for Embeddables (VOs). #547


mnapoli commented Jan 15, 2013

@Burgov +1 that is exactly what I am trying to do, but I'm taking it the other way (i.e. changing DBAL so that it passes the error code, and then catching the exception and rethrowing a more specific one).

The way you suggest is way better, but it needs a lot more changes to DBAL. However it is way more logical, your example speaks for itself:

try {
    /* ... /*
} catch (NoSuchTableException $e) {
    // do something
} catch (DuplicateKeyException $e) {
    // do something else

Regarding the error code that changes according to the RDBMS, a layer of abstraction resolves the problem.

I've voted for your ticket and I am watching it, I hope it will lead to something interesting. Waiting for that, I think the current proposition can be a first step.


beberlei commented May 9, 2013

I want to provide a much better Exception handling in the future, but until now why not use $ex->getPreviousException()->getcode()? This is not really needed.

@beberlei beberlei closed this May 9, 2013

@mnapoli mnapoli deleted the mnapoli:DBAL-371 branch May 26, 2014

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