@beberlei beberlei released this Sep 7, 2013 · 1833 commits to master since this release

[DBAL-340] - [GH-196] Fixed mini-typo
[DBAL-344] - [GH-200] params not passed from execute to logger
[DBAL-350] - [GH-205] Added exit code for dbal:reserved-words command
[DBAL-355] - [GH-208] Optimize autoload prefix in composer.json
[DBAL-356] - [GH-209] Added query micro-optimization
[DBAL-366] - [GH-218] [MySQL] Fixed bug with comments not adding quotes for tables
[DBAL-370] - [GH-220] Added support for alter table, foreign keys and autoincrement detection to Sqlite platform and schema
[DBAL-381] - [GH-227] MySql TEXT and BLOB type declarations
[DBAL-383] - [GH-228] fixed typo for enabling DEFERRED support
[DBAL-396] - [GH-236] DBAL-200 Missing docs for 1 parameter in Connection::update
[DBAL-417] - [GH-250] Lightweight export as of doctrine/doctrine2#543
[DBAL-431] - [GH-261] Fix OFFSET without LIMIT cause MySQL syntax error.
[DBAL-432] - [GH-262] Add Symfony Console dependency to composer.json
[DBAL-435] - [GH-264] Allow passing empty arrays as parameters
[DBAL-438] - [GH-266] Removed outdated methods in DatabasePlatformMock.
[DBAL-439] - [GH-267] Add SQLServerPlatform supports schemas
[DBAL-440] - [GH-268] Remove deprecated getShowDatabasesSQL() from Platforms
[DBAL-442] - Break the query building with multiple from parts
[DBAL-445] - [GH-271] added the possibility to use column names as keys for the types in Connection::insert()
[DBAL-447] - [GH-272] Refactor SQL Server keyword dictionaries and MsSQL leftovers
[DBAL-455] - [GH-278] OraclePlatform sequence naming for primary keys
[DBAL-459] - [GH-282] Add column collation support for SQL Server
[DBAL-460] - [GH-283] Fix SchemaManagerFunctionalTestCase composite foreign keys test
[DBAL-462] - [GH-284] Correcting code example
[DBAL-473] - [GH-292] Add length in the OCI8 bindParam
[DBAL-476] - [GH-294] Allow removing column comment on some platforms
[DBAL-478] - [GH-295] Fix ModifyLimitQueryTest
[DBAL-484] - [GH-298] Fix SQL Server default constraints
[DBAL-485] - [GH-299] Fix list SQL Server composite foreign keys
[DBAL-486] - [GH-300] Improve list SQL Server table indexes
[DBAL-494] - [GH-304] Fix for DBAL-442
[DBAL-497] - SQLServerPlatform modifies limit query incorrectly when column names start with "from"
[DBAL-498] - [GH-306] [DBAL-497] Fixed SQL Server platform replacing 'FROM' in column names during limit
[DBAL-499] - [GH-307] Postgres fix for a possible unavailable dbname
[DBAL-500] - [GH-308] added index flags to schema table
[DBAL-506] - [GH-312] [DBAL-264] Support for UIDs in PostgreSQL
[DBAL-508] - MySqlSchemaManager accessing undefined index tableColumn[comment]
[DBAL-511] - Schema\ColumnDiff incorrect with default varchar value and postgresql
[DBAL-520] - [GH-319] Delete unnecessary "use PDO" statement
[DBAL-522] - BC break : executeQuery with an array containing null value(s).
[DBAL-530] - sqlite: foreignKey - definition wrong when tables has databasename as prefix
[DBAL-533] - [GH-327] #DDC-2313: QueryBuilder Deep Cloning
[DBAL-539] - [GH-332] [DDC-2470] Use column name instead of alias to modify order by clause
[DBAL-549] - [GH-339] Removed an unused method in AbstractPlatform.
[DBAL-568] - [GH-348] Portability wrapper _defaultFetchMode
[DBAL-583] - [GH-360] Don't add 'NOT NULL' to the 'ALTER TABLE' when that hasn't changed
[DBAL-331] - [GH-192] ExpressionBuilder in and notIn methods
[DBAL-403] - [GH-240] Fix for DBAL-209