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Removed the explicit composer version from tags

Composer recommends to omit it when using the VCS repository
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1 parent c9ff83d commit 41bfb6f55794c264c0cdb3a11c3a90d1c9eecaaf @stof stof committed Aug 29, 2012
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@@ -101,18 +101,16 @@
<!-- start replacing versions in the code -->
<replace file="${project.basedir}/${project.version_file}" token="${version}" value="${release_version}"/>
- <replace file="${project.basedir}/composer.json" token="&quot;library&quot;," value="&quot;library&quot;,&quot;version&quot;:&quot;${release_version}&quot;,"/>
<!-- Git commit this release commit -->
- <exec command="git add ${project.basedir}/${project.version_file} ${project.basedir}/composer.json" passthru="true"/>
+ <exec command="git add ${project.basedir}/${project.version_file}" passthru="true"/>
<exec command="git commit -m 'Release ${release_version}'" passthru="true"/>
<exec command="git tag -m 'Tag ${release_version}' ${release_version}" passthru="true"/>
<!-- calculate next version, assume that this is a mini version. -->
<versionincrement property="next_version" version="${release_version}" />
<replace file="${project.basedir}/${project.version_file}" token="${release_version}" value="${next_version}-DEV"/>
- <replace file="${project.basedir}/composer.json" value="&quot;library&quot;," token="&quot;library&quot;,&quot;version&quot;:&quot;${release_version}&quot;,"/>
- <exec command="git add ${project.basedir}/${project.version_file} ${project.basedir}/composer.json" />
+ <exec command="git add ${project.basedir}/${project.version_file}" />
<exec command="git commit -m 'Bump dev version to ${next_version}'" />
<echo msg="Made a git commit for version ${release_version} and tagged it." />

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