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Removed the explicit composer version from tags #1

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Composer recommends to omit it when using the VCS repository


Whats the benefit? Since it works?


it works until the version missmatches, and it confused some users about why it is done (see the mailing-list)


Yeah i guess it simplifies the build process as well. But i liked this because its more explicit and helpful. The confusion of the user was rather curiosity, not that he had a problem with it.

@beberlei beberlei merged commit 609b4dc into doctrine:master
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Commits on Aug 29, 2012
  1. @stof

    Removed the explicit composer version from tags

    stof authored
    Composer recommends to omit it when using the VCS repository
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  1. +2 −4 packaging.xml
6 packaging.xml
@@ -101,18 +101,16 @@
<!-- start replacing versions in the code -->
<replace file="${project.basedir}/${project.version_file}" token="${version}" value="${release_version}"/>
- <replace file="${project.basedir}/composer.json" token="&quot;library&quot;," value="&quot;library&quot;,&quot;version&quot;:&quot;${release_version}&quot;,"/>
<!-- Git commit this release commit -->
- <exec command="git add ${project.basedir}/${project.version_file} ${project.basedir}/composer.json" passthru="true"/>
+ <exec command="git add ${project.basedir}/${project.version_file}" passthru="true"/>
<exec command="git commit -m 'Release ${release_version}'" passthru="true"/>
<exec command="git tag -m 'Tag ${release_version}' ${release_version}" passthru="true"/>
<!-- calculate next version, assume that this is a mini version. -->
<versionincrement property="next_version" version="${release_version}" />
<replace file="${project.basedir}/${project.version_file}" token="${release_version}" value="${next_version}-DEV"/>
- <replace file="${project.basedir}/composer.json" value="&quot;library&quot;," token="&quot;library&quot;,&quot;version&quot;:&quot;${release_version}&quot;,"/>
- <exec command="git add ${project.basedir}/${project.version_file} ${project.basedir}/composer.json" />
+ <exec command="git add ${project.basedir}/${project.version_file}" />
<exec command="git commit -m 'Bump dev version to ${next_version}'" />
<echo msg="Made a git commit for version ${release_version} and tagged it." />
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