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Doctrine MongoDB Tailable Cursor Bundle

This is a simple command which allows you to tail a MongoDB cursor for a capped collection in a daemon like Symfony2 console command that runs forever processing new documents as they inserted to the capped collection.

The bundle consists of a single interface and a console command. The command is:

$ ./app/console doctrine:mongodb:tail-cursor <document> <finder> <processor>

The arguments are:

  • document - The name of the document class to tail.
  • finder - The method used on the repository for the document to get the cursor.
  • processor - The name of the service to use to process each document.

The processor must implement the simple ProcessorInterface:


namespace Doctrine\ODM\MongoDB\Symfony\TailableCursorBundle;

interface ProcessorInterface
    function process($document);

When you implement your own processor, register it as a service name and then you can run the command like the following:

$ ./app/console doctrine:mongodb:tail-cursor MainBundle:User findNewUsers new_user.processor