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[DDC-1786] Add note about BC in EntityManager#find(null)

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commit 7a10e03507da8d8dfb7ae34151fe097f84fc1f48 1 parent 159b6f8
@beberlei beberlei authored
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@@ -73,4 +73,9 @@ Will now return a collection of arrays with index "user" pointing to the User ob
Thousands of lines were completely reviewed and optimized for best performance.
Removed redundancy and improved code readability made now internal Doctrine code easier to understand.
-Also, Doctrine 2.2 now is around 10-15% faster than 2.1.
+Also, Doctrine 2.2 now is around 10-15% faster than 2.1.
+# EntityManager#find(null)
+Previously EntityManager#find(null) returned null. It now throws an exception.
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